Share the Seeds Project

Nature teaches us about community connections and it offers a foundation for us to build upon.

A garden continually teaches us about the energy of life. It is amazing to hold seeds in our hands and know that each tiny capsule contains all of the unique components, capability and intrinsic wisdom for self-assembly. Each seed knows exactly what it is and how to grow itself into its full potential. This is the pure magic of life!


The Share the Seeds Project flows within the philosophy that planting, growing and sharing are the keys to abundance.

If you are of like mind and heart, I imagine that you know the amazing experiences and creations that come to life when you share your resources with your community.     You are the heart of these experiences. You create powerful blessings and uplift your community through your simplest actions.    Thank you!

More details of the cooperative community Share the Seeds project will be coming soon. I hope that you will join in the fun.

For now, remember to bless others by sharing your resources of time, treasure, talent, kindness and love. Connect with groups that uplift our community. Here are a few….please see their websites for more information.

Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary

Ground Floor Farm                                                                      

Audubon Society of the Everglades                     

Community Gardens in Canada                                                         

Youth Food Movement – Australia                   

Incredible Edible Network – UK