Nature has a way of helping us to free our imagination.  Beauty, clarity and truth can be found within the open and wild space of the earth.  Like a joyful song - it fills us with the pure energy of life.                             

                                                                                   Nanette Notestein

About the Artist:            

As a South Florida native, Nanette has always been intrigued by the natural beauty and wonders of Florida and our Earth.  Through her art, photography and books, she hopes to inspire you to have your own adventures in nature.

Artist Statement:

It is exciting to see light transform the way that things appear.  As light reveals the depth of colors, textures and forms, I see worlds within worlds. These worlds have drawn me to art and photography.  Something amazing occurs within my soul when I connect to our natural world.  Through this communication, I am guided to paint and create art that honors the exquisite reflection of nature. 

I see my camera as an impressive time machine that assists me with offering a glimpse of the magic of life around us through photography.  Gazing at one of my photos can transport you to that moment in time.  Through your own imagination the photograph can come alive.  You may even hear the sounds and breathe in the fragrances of nature in real time.  Enjoy!