Nature has a way of helping us to free our imagination.  Beauty, clarity and truth can be found within the open and wild space of the earth.  Like a joyful song - it fills us with the pure energy of life.                             

                                                                                   Nanette Notestein

About the Artist:            

Nanette has always been intrigued by the natural beauty and amazing wonders of our Earth and Universe.  She lives in South Florida where the Atlantic Ocean, beach, parks and wilderness areas are her playground.  Nanette has had the good fortune to expand her life experience through world travel to Europe, South America, Australia, Bali, and throughout North America.  She is always open to connecting with fascinating people and exploring continents.  Through her art, photography, and other creations, she offers inspiration to move you to have your own adventures in nature.

Artist Statement:

My artistic creations are an experiment in expansion. It is as if I am being called into wondrous soul play.  What risks am I willing to take to reveal the deeper unknown?  Through photography, painting, fusing glass into creations, and composing crystalline and metallic energy fields, I open myself to other worlds.  The pleasures that are found in these adventures are limitless and bring dreams to life.

When I am in nature, life presents itself in the purest way.  The astounding creatures, plants and elements in this living wonderland light up my imagination.  My camera serves as a time machine that holds a moment in time where a close-up view of worlds within worlds can be seen all around us.  My hope is that the viewers will feel as if they would be transported to that moment in time if they could step through the photo.

Often a photograph will reveal an unexpected expression on the face of an insect or animal.  At other times, the magical relationship of characters and environments can be observed.  It is like having a front row seat at the greatest show on earth.

Some of my paintings are inspired by the images I photograph.  Painting my photographs allows me to alter the colors, forms, and the visual story to construct a unique composition.  It is a playful experience where new worlds can be conceived.

Fused Glass Creations and Energy Field Images are activating illuminations.  Glass, crystals and metals are often the base for these extraordinary artworks but the combination of elements that can be brought together to create energy are infinite.  Light and color transform these wonders into radiant luminosities ……. amazing …….