Elusive Fox Appears Unexpectedly


This is one of my favorite moments in nature.  A gray fox quietly appeared out of the underbrush. It watched me for a few minutes before it trotted into a clearing and then into an opening in the scrub. It is a rarity to see one of these beautiful creatures in the wild and it is exciting every time.

When we see dense scrub areas with three and four foot plants, we can take a moment to imagine some of the wildlife that may live in this type of habitat. There could be foxes using hollow trees, hollow logs or large underground holes as dens for their families.  Gopher tortoises and rabbits may be seen grazing on wild grasses and plants.  Footprints of nocturnal animals like raccoons and opossum may be found in the soft white sand.  There may even be a wavy print in the sand revealing that snakes are here.  This is home to all of these creatures.

The scrub area is a unique environment that protects animals and allows them to move about freely and undetected along the many pathways that are beneath the lush greenery. These pathways are like tiny forest roads made especially for nature by nature.  Simply amazing!