Is Your Backyard a Wonderland to Explore?


Sunshine and cool breezes welcome us outdoors at this time of year. Within the next few weeks, we should see small birds, squirrels and other creatures trying out their new wings and feet. The young squirrels will remind us that this is a playful time of year as they chase each other and tumble through the grass. So, let’s get outside and have fun!

There is so much to see and discover. Bright, colorful flowers are plentiful and in full bloom. Some share their fragrance during the day, some in the evening, and some seem to be fragrance free. The butterflies, bees, dragonflies, beetles and other insects find the flowers irresistible. So, if you have flowering plants in your yard, it is likely that you will get to see some of these fascinating flyers in action.

If you are not seeing these creatures in your yard but want to attract wildlife to your yard; you can find a few tips from my children’s book “A Big Eyed Surprise” by clicking on the “Wildlife in Your Backyard” tab at the top of this page.  Enjoy!